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We Are A Professional Manufacturer

Shenzhen Invech Precision Co., Ltd is located in Shajing, Shenzhen City, China. Geographical advantage has produced a group of professional scientific and technological talents, the company implements standardized operation management mode, actively participates in international competition, and gradually implements the strategy of internationalization. China’s leading Precision components industry service providers are our vision.

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Excellent team

After years of professional training, Shenzhen Invech Precision Co., Ltd have selected various colleges and universities to master the masters of Professional Talented person

Fast Lead time

Independent research and development of cam design, hardware processing and production, professional metal coating service

Quality assurance

High quality “0” defects, customer satisfaction is over 99%.

Professional technology

The product is applied to the aerospace industry with a precision of 0.002mm. The turning hole is as deep as 1:12

Advanced equipment

Shenzhen Invech Precision Co., Ltd. has a variety of professional CNC machining lathes, high-end testing equipment

Perfect service

We Promised, provide “101” service and maintain long term strategic partnership with customers.


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