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About Us

A Professional CNC Precision Parts Manufacturer

Invech Precision Co., Ltd was established in February 2003. The core members of the team have entered this industry since 2000 and become industry leaders, mainly engaged in the auto parts industry and the automation machinery industry. In the past, we carried out procurement and procurement-related business with European customers, helping them with factory audits, exhibitions, and technical appointments. Since 2015, we have entered the field of CNC machining. With strong engineering support and excellent business capabilities, we quickly put overseas technical requirements and drawings into the Chinese industry chain, which can save overseas customers a lot of time and trouble.

 Invech Solution has seven CNC machines (Makino V33 high-speed machine, Fanuc high-speed machine, Taiwan Yongjin, Yake, rotational speed from 8000 to 24000), seven mirror spark machines (Japanese Sodick, Makino machine), and two Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining-Low Speed. (Japan Sodick, wire diameter 0.1-0.25), one small-hole discharge machine (diameter 0.15-3.0), one The three-dimensional machine, one Quadratic measurement machine, and other processing machines and measuring equipment,  Invech Precision Co., Ltd have the professional technician that more than 20 years experience on the field of CNC, discharge, Wire cutting.

It is our mission to be the leading choice for CNC machining parts and to offer our products at the highest quality and the lowest cost. Our team dedicates to ensuring that our customers receive the best part on time every time.

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Company Mission

Ensure Invech Precision Products meet the highest quality and reliability requirements of customers in the market we address.

Elevate Invech to the highest level of quality as the most powerful asset for our customers.

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