What is CNC milling machine

  • The CNC milling machine is mainly used for the processing of various complicated planes, curved surfaces and shell parts.

 For example, milling processing of various cams, molds, connecting rods, blades, propellers and boxes

  •  Processing type:

 (1) Plane parts;

 (2) Curved surface parts;

(3) bevel parts.

Processing characteristics

For the processing parts that are frame-shaped planes or steps of unequal height, then select the point-linear system CNC milling machine. If the processing part is a curved surface contour, the two-coordinate linkage and three-coordinate linkage system should be selected according to the geometric shape of the surface. It is also possible to add a numerical control indexing head or numerical control rotary table based on the general numerical control milling machine according to the requirements of parts processing. At this time, the system of the machine tool is a four-coordinate numerical control system, which can process spiral grooves and blade parts.

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