What is Turning and Milling Compound

Compound processing is one of the most popular processing techniques in the world in the field of mechanical processing. It is an advanced manufacturing technology. Compound processing is the realization of several different processing techniques on one machine tool. The most widely used and most difficult compound machining is turning and milling compound machining. The turning-milling composite machining center is equivalent to a combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center . 


The turning and milling compound machine tool is the fastest growing and most widely used CNC equipment among compound processing machine tools. Machine tool compounding is one of the important directions of machine tool development. Compound machine tools include turning- milling compounding, turning- milling- grinding compounding, milling compounding, cutting and 3D printing compounding, cutting and ultrasonic vibration compounding, laser and stamping compounding, and many other forms. The purpose of compounding is to make a machine tool have more Functionality, can complete multiple tasks in one clamping , improve processing efficiency and processing accuracy.


Compared with conventional CNC machining technology, the outstanding advantages of compound machining are mainly manifested in the following aspects. 

  1. Shorten the product manufacturing process chain and improve production efficiency. Car milling complex processing can achieve a chucking completion of all or most of the processing steps, thus greatly reducing manufacturing process chain. In this way, on the one hand , the production assistance time caused by the change of the installation card is reduced, and the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of the tooling fixture are also reduced, which can significantly improve the production efficiency. 
  2. Reduce the number of clamping and improve processing accuracy. The reduction in the number of card loading avoids the accumulation of errors due to the conversion of positioning benchmarks . At the same time, most of the turning- milling composite processing equipment has the function of online detection, which can realize the in-position detection and precision control of key data in the manufacturing process, thereby improving the processing accuracy of the product. 
  3. Reduce floor space and reduce production costs. Although the price of a single unit of turning- milling composite processing equipment is relatively high, the overall fixed assets can be effectively reduced due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment required for products, as well as the reduction in the number of fixtures, workshop area and equipment maintenance costs. The cost of investment, production operation and management.


  1. The turning-milling composite machining center uses a high-precision built-in spindle;
  2. Freely movable operation panel improves work efficiency;
  3. The models are mainly used for mass production of various small parts and complex parts for high-speed processing and diversified processing; 
  4. Especially the slender and complex process can be processed and formed at one time, and the automatic feeding device can be configured to improve efficiency;
  5. The Material Details: cutting, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, iron Front Long and other materials 
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